Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: A New Venture of Opportunities

Bitcoin Trading: A New Venture of Opportunities

Bitcoin Lifestyle trading is a relatively new market. So in some way, people are still skeptical about engaging in it. It sure does is very risky, but in truth, it can also be a window that can offer a number of new possibilities in income and investment. Bitcoin is a faster, cheaper and more secure way of transferring and investing money. But if you’re still new to bitcoin trading you might won’t believe me. The point of this review is to elaborate on the advantages of trading with bitcoin and how you can earn passively with it. But first, let me give a brief history of bitcoin and bitcoin trading first.

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All Starts with An Idea

 Digital currency is not entirely a new concept. Long before Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies became well established, numerous people already attempted on developing an internet based type of currency. But contrary to efforts, these people always are stopped by a single wall. That wall is called the “double spending issue”. Since digital currency is, after all, still a digital file, developers are always finding a way to actually spend the digital currency and not copy it instead.

Until 1998, a computer engineer in the name of Wei Dai introduced the concept of “ b-money”. In the papers he published, he discussed about the concept of a digital money that utilizes a set of digital untraceable pseudonyms to send information. Later in 2005, Nick Szabo , a pioneer in blockchain technology introduced his own idea namely the “Bit Gold”. It is the first concept of a decentralized money. Bit Gold combines the elements of both mining and cryptography to achieve total decentralization. These two ideas are never really legally established but in reality, the conceptualization of bitcoin and digital currency trading came from both Bit Gold and b-money.

In January 2009 a mysterious software developer using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, published his idea of a digital currency, namely the “Bitcoin”.  Bitcoin with its decentralized nature claims to give people lower transaction charges than conventional online payment and a more anonymous and secure way of transferring and investing money.

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin in a sense is a digital file stored in a digital wallet.  A digital wallet basically is an app on your computer or mobile device. Using this digital wallet, Bitcoin users can easily receive and send money whenever, wherever around the world. They can also use Bitcoins for payments and other transactions. Even for availing services and buying physical goods. Transactions with Bitcoin works just like how an e-mail works. Users have an address that they can give to their peers and friends so that they can send you money or just vice versa. These addresses, however, are only used once per transaction. Bitcoins are not a type of physical denomination, instead, it consists of balances that are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain.

Bitcoin uses the so called “peer to peer” technology to accommodate transactions and process payments. People and companies who are involved and govern the Bitcoin network are called “miners”. These miners are rewarded with bitcoins whenever they are able to add a new block to the blockchain. They can be considered as the decentralized authority that ensures the integrity of the whole network. Bitcoins are given to the miners at a lowering rate. Currently, there are only about 3 million bitcoins left to be mined. This is why Bitcoin is different from fiat currencies. In the real market, the currency is consistently released to match the rate of the growth of goods so that the stability of prices can be controlled. In Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies however, the currency is released ahead of time instead and is based on mathematical algorithms.

The Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is basically a digital ledger that makes a record of a transaction online and shares it to the whole network. In a way, it is basically a digital bank ledger. The only difference is that is shared across everyone in the same network. To ensure the credibility of a bitcoin trading, transactions are encrypted and validated then the blockchain will proceed to make a permanent record of it. This technology manages all the transactions in a bitcoin network.

Why Invest in Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is a relatively new market but otherwise has been garnering attention from serious investors or people who just want to have some extra profit out of their cash. Bitcoin trading in a way is an easier, faster and more secure approach to investing your money. Transactions with bitcoin are very easy and hassle free. Sending and receiving money can be done anywhere and anytime you want as long as you’re connected to the internet. You don’t have to worry about going to banks and marking bank holidays, the transaction can happen anytime. Since Bitcoin is a type of decentralized money, there is no central authority figure that governs it. Crossing borders and traveling places does not affect the value of bitcoin, as it is not bound to any monetary system of any government or world bank. You’re in control of your finances. Bitcoin transactions are mostly done anonymously unless the user gives his personal information by his own doing. In Bitcoin trading, you don’t need to disclose other sensitive information, meaning that you are non susceptible to identity theft. Data and transactions are also encrypted to maintain the safety of your investment.

Trading with Bitcoins is also one of the cheapest ways of transferring money. Fees in transactions are very cheap or in some cases non existent at all. However, users can add extra fees to their transactions. Transactions with extra fees are processed faster and are prioritized over other free transactions. The higher the fee the more priority it gets and the faster the transaction will take place.

Since the establishment of trading platforms, the Bitcoin is considered to be a highly liquid asset. Investors of Bitcoin can quickly liquidate their investment in exchange for fiat money, assets and physical goods. It can also be easily exchanged with other types of digital currencies. This liquidity provides a very practical ecosystem for shareholders to trade in, mostly those who want to have some ways for short term profit. Bitcoin is also a commendable investment more specifically because it is in high demand. Just like any asset on the market, Bitcoin’s value will continue to grow as long as the demand for it remains high. Currently, the peak value of the Bitcoin in the market is almost $10 B.

In the conventional stock exchange, investors are often required to present various personal information and other accounts such as bills and banking history, leaving other unlicensed investors unable to invest. However, Bitcoin trading offers a more simple and easy approach. Investors only need to buy or sell Bitcoins from bitcoin trading then store them in their digital wallets.

Bitcoin transactions are also irreversible. It means that after the transactions are done, the other party cannot cancel the transfer anymore.

Different  Approaches in Bitcoin Trading

There are different ways of trading with bitcoin. If you are to engage in Bitcoin trading remember to find the most suitable approach that fits your aptitude and lifestyle.

  • Scalping

Scalping is all about making quick trades. The main goal is to gain profits in short amounts of time. This type of trading requires you to do bitcoin trading every few minutes. For example, try buying a bitcoin for $300 then proceed to sell it for $308. Buy another for $303 then sell it for $305. Scalping is all about getting that quick profit, no matter how low it is. This requires focus however and good risk management, while sometimes it depends entirely on luck. This is a simple yet steady approach in getting that profit although not that high in value but over time it can sum up too.

  • Position Trading

The idea of position trading is all about building and taking positions for long periods of time. This may take up even for years. It is very close in nature to real life investing. Position trading can be considered as one of the most basic approaches of bitcoin trading, but this one also requires a lot of discipline. You will have to sustain a long term bitcoin trading even on ever changing trends. In this type of trading remember to always keep your focus on your goal.

  • Swing Trading

This strategy is all about entering and leaving market positions in a span of days or even weeks. Not like other trading approaches, swing trading’s true aim is to hold positions for a number of days in order to take advantage of the larger movement of prices. This is one of the most popular types of bitcoin trading because of the relatively unstable price of bitcoin in the market. This is also one of the most used approaches when using trading bots.

  • Range Trading

Bitcoins always has a range wherever they are being traded with. This range can be an accumulation of traders gaining profit on the proceeding leg up or just selling the coins while they are still high in value before the price crashes down. In range trading, traders only buy and sell with the range, either on its highest point or lowest point. In this type of approach, you only buy an asset at the bottom of a range then proceed to sell the peak of it or in some cases, it scales up to the top.

  • Day Trading

This involves buying and selling an asset within a single trading day. This approach is mostly used in foreign exchange and the stock market. Day traders normally utilize a high amount of leverage and some short term trading practices. With day trading you can take advantage of minuscule market price movements of bitcoin. On the other hand, day traders tend to profit less than a scalp trader could in a day.

Some Advantages of Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading in some ways is like the typical real life stock exchange. But there are also some of the advantages that make it more preferred by investors and traders alike.

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  • Fees are Cheap

Bitcoin trading fees are very cheap. Normally it only costs a small percentage of the amount traded. Also, trading platforms typically do not charge on your profit. This is the main difference between bitcoin trading and fiat currency trading. The fees for bitcoin trading are low to nonexistent at all. Unlike transactions with a bank or ATM and also credit cards bitcoin trading fees are much cheaper than foreign exchange trading fees.

  • Trade Night and Day

Stock and forex trades are only accommodated during business hours on weekdays. You cannot also do bitcoin trading on holidays. However, bitcoin trades happen all night and day. It also has no holiday and bitcoin trading are also available on weekends. This means that you can make up most of your time trading and gaining profit 7 days a week if you want to.

  • Bitcoin Market is Very Volatile

Traders and investors can capitalize on the large price swings of bitcoin in the market. Most of the time,  bitcoin experiences observable price fluctuations. But you should also remember that the trend is not always upward because the swing can also be downward. But in reality, traders and investors can take advantage of the ever changing bitcoin price in the market and gain large profits from it.

  • Transactions are Easily Settled

Bitcoin transactions only take up to a few seconds. Using your digital wallet, transfers are done through a few clicks and a simple QR scan. Not like transactions through banks and international money transfers that can take up to several days or weeks.

  • Remain Anonymous

Trading with bitcoins doesn’t require you to disclose your personal information. As of today, Bitcoin does not follow the KYC regulations. It means that transactions remain anonymous regardless of the amount to be transferred or traded, making bitcoin trading investors immune to attacks of identity theft.

How the Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Can Help You in Bitcoin Trading

How the Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Can  Help You in Bitcoin Trading

The main idea of bitcoin trading is basically buying when prices are low and selling when the prices became high.  In bitcoin trading, the most important thing is to predict the trend of prices in the market and knowing when to buy an asset or the right time to sell it. Because of this matter, investors often use the so called Bitcoin Trading Bots. One of the most used trading bots and are preferred by expert bitcoin traders and brokers are the Bitcoin Lifestyle software.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a popular trading bot that claims to give Bitcoin Lifestyle users profit by engaging in the bitcoin trading market. This Bitcoin Lifestyle uses AI and a self learning system so that it can track and find potential profits in the market by analyzing past market data and trends. Bitcoin Lifestyle bot can be automated, meaning that you can gain profit even if you are not entirely focused on trading yourself. According to other Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews, this bot can generate up to 200%  profit with 90% accuracy.

How Does the Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Do Its Analysis?

The Bitcoin Lifestyle is developed and programmed by some of the best bitcoin traders in the market. Bitcoin Lifestyle algorithm is infused with different trading strategies that can speculate market trends by reading a huge amount of data mostly on a fundamental and technical level. Bitcoin Lifestyle uses these data to analyze thousands of market charts and predict future patterns and the market trends. This Bitcoin Lifestyle analysis only takes place within a few seconds, making it possible to take advantage of the most minuscule of movement in the bitcoin market. Bitcoin Lifestyle also uses NLP technology to read online news and tweets from different sources and acts to it accordingly.

The Bitcoin Lifestyle software is also fully automated. This means that even non professional traders can use Bitcoin Lifestyle. After you create a Bitcoin Lifestyle account and deposit your first investment, Bitcoin Lifestyle does the trading for you. You just have to click the trade button and you can let the Bitcoin Lifestyle bot do the bitcoin trading for you. However, Bitcoin Lifestyle is not a crypto broker. Bitcoin Lifestyle is just a tool that helps you with the trade through other brokers. 

Start Trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle Software

To start trading you just need to follow these simple steps.

Register for an Account

After visiting their homepage, you just have to fill in your name, telephone number, and e-mail address on the form provided. The website is secured with SSL, and they also have a policy that states that the site does not disclose any personal data without the user’s consent.

Connect To A Broker

When you finish your Bitcoin Lifestyle registration, the Bitcoin Lifestyle site will proceed to link you to a broker. All brokers associated with Bitcoin Lifestyle are sufficiently regulated and have a high reputation. Note that Bitcoin Lifestyle users’ data are disclosed to these brokers. But don’t worry because all of these brokers are regulated.

Deposit  Your First Investment

At least, a minimum of $250 is needed for you to do bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle software. This is not a license fee for using Bitcoin Lifestyle but will be your initial capital. In essence, Bitcoin Lifestyle is free, however, Bitcoin Lifestyle charges its commissions to the profits gained by the users albeit just a small amount.

Some Notable Pros of Using Bitcoin Lifestyle Software

Consistent Profit

Bitcoin Lifestyle software is able to make a profit of about 100%. Other traders reported that they are able to earn up to $1000 per day starting from $500 capital. Bitcoin Lifestyle maintains its trades with a 1: 1000 leverage. One more reason for its yielded results is the technology behind Bitcoin Lifestyle. Bitcoin Lifestyle is programmed with a powerful Artificial Intelligence. This makes it possible for Bitcoin Lifestyle to achieve a success rate of up to 90%.

Allows Inexperienced Traders to Engage the Market

Broad experience is not needed in able to do bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. This Bitcoin Lifestyle is fully automated, and do the analysis and trading for you. This means that you can still do your other jobs and responsibilities while also gaining profit.  All you need to do is visit Bitcoin Lifestyle at least 20 mins per day. I suggest that you leave Bitcoin Lifestyle alone when it is trading as you can be affected by your emotions during trading sessions. But we also suggest you to never do bitcoin trading more than 8 hours per day.

Withdraw Your Profits When You Feel Like It

This is another great feature of the Bitcoin Lifestyle software. Bitcoin Lifestyle allows you to withdraw your income whenever you feel like it. Bitcoin Lifestyle also has no limits and is absolutely free of charge free.

To withdraw your income, simply fill out the Bitcoin Lifestyle request form on their dashboard. After 24 hours, your money will be already be reflected in your account.

Safe Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Lifestyle is confirmed safe by other Bitcoin Lifestyle reviews. It follows certain regulations to assure the safety of their users’ data. Their site is well encrypted to make sure that other parties cannot access their database.

Commendable Customer Service

Bitcoin Lifestyle software’s customer service is available 24/7. They are accessible through phone, email and even live chat. Most inquiries are responded with in 48 hours.

The Verdict: Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Worth It?

This Bitcoin Lifestyle review and other reviews all states the same thing, that this software can really help you start your career in Bitcoin Trading. One of the most commendable features of Bitcoin Lifestyle software is its security. In Bitcoin trading or in any other form of investing ventures security for your money is the most priority. Aside from this, Bitcoin Lifestyle highly developed software ensures a %90 success rate. This level of accuracy is very high even when compared to other top bitcoin trading bots.

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Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves the risk of losing the invested capital. Invest only what you are willing to lose. between 67% and 85% of retail clients lose money by trading CFDs.

REGULATION & HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your invested capital, therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Please click here to read a full risk warning. Bitcoin Lifestyle is a technology, marketing and advertising service. Bitcoin Lifestyle does not gain or lose profits based on your trading results and operates as a technology, marketing and advertising service. Bitcoin Lifestyle is not a financial services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm and is only used as a marketing tool by third party advertisers and brokers to attract customers. Its your obligation to check and decide weather the broker you were connected to applies to all local rules and regulations and is regulated in your country jurisdiction and is allowed to receive customers from your location your are in, before you fund your account with the broker and start trading with it. please report Bitcoin Lifestyle (by clicking report abuse) if you find that the broker assigned to you is not regulated in your jurisdiction so we can cancel your account with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

We are required to tell potential investors that our software’s past performance does not necessarily predict Lifestyle results,therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.

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